After delivering your first marketing experiments it is critical to review their performance. At this stage we're not looking to measure every single aspect and element, but broadly attribute success (or lack of it) to the right channel.

This will help you repeat, refine and later scale experiments on the best-performing channels.

Some tasks can be particularly labour intensive, so I've added a time column so this metric is quantified. However it does not impact the CPL column.

I've created a template you can duplicate into your own Notion account and complete for your marketing reporting.

About this template

🟢 Designed to help you quickly capture performance of each experiment

🟢 It has built in formula to capture the data you need

🟢 When completing add insights and notes, and actions, in the final columns

🟢 Completing actions is critical to ensure you learn from each experiment

🟢 Row one is an example experiment

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