Exploring paid marketing experiments to understand what helps drive new users acquisition? Use my quick cheat sheet to discover benchmarks to work towards across all the major sources of paid advertising, as well as unique functionality that you might not have considered.

As you will see, different platforms have different ad creative, formats, targeting, and benchmarks for CTR and conversion.

Startup approach to paid advertising

  • 5 creatives in 3 ad sets = 15 total creative
  • Optimise at Campaign level (Facebook)
  • Spend £10 over 3 days, review ads.
  • Remove creative not and audiences not performing
  • Add new variations
  • Test, forever
  • Scale what works

Important note

The details listed on this page are indicative across all industries and audiences. They are designed to help you benchmark your ad performance, but will vary based on your business. Please let me know your own results in the comments, or if you have ideas about how I can make this more valuable.