After a tweet I posted went viral, I decided to reflect on the actions I am taking in my professional life to make the world a fairer place.

Over the last few years my influence and ability to make a meaningful difference with my own decisions has increased, so taking the time to do this is overdue.

The commitments I'm making are to:

  • Donate 2.5% of my freelance profit to charity each year.
  • Continue to offer my marketing expertise for free to organisations that are addressing systemic racism.
  • Continue to offer one free place per cohort on my First 100 Users Course to someone from a marginalised community.
  • To always publicly publish the day rates for the roles I hire personally, or on behalf of clients.
  • And demand my clients offer pay parity between men and women for similar work experience.

Finally, I commit to publicly updating this post with my progress every 6 months for the next two years.