Once you've established who your buyer is, your next challenge is to find where they are. Introducing your Ecosystem Map.

This simple but incredibly critical task is about establishing the digital (and real world) places your buyer hangs out, and ensuring your business is discoverable there. Today I'll show you how to create and populate a document capturing your startup's ecosystem.

The Ecosystem Map is one of the most important documents any startup can create for new user acquisition and organic content marketing. But what the hell is it? An Ecosystem Map details the communities, places and content that your buyer persona visits, consumes or engages with.

What should be covered?

Your Ecosystem Map should list the details of the following:

  • The podcasts your buyer listens to
  • The YouTube channels your buyer subscribes to
  • The Facebook groups / LinkedIn groups your buyer is a member of
  • The Slack channels your buyer is part of
  • The Facebook pages your buyer likes
  • The real-world and virtual events and meet-ups your buyer attends
  • The review directories your buyer browses
  • The online courses your buyer takes
  • The books your buyer reads
  • The newsletters your buyer reads
  • The websites your buyer visits and reads
  • The blogs your buyer visits and reads
  • The Subreddits your buyer subscribes to
  • The organisations your buyer is accredited by
  • The institutions your buyer has attended or has a relationship with
  • The web searches your buyer might make

I think I get it. Can you show me an example?

Here's an example I created for [London Startup Founders]. This links to the various destinations that your buyer visits.

Got it? Now what? Start by cloning this template

To make it easy for you I've created a Notion template for you to clone and populate. [Clone the Notion template]

Tools to support your research

Some smart people have made tools that will save you hours of time when populating this your Ecosystem Map. See some of my favourites below:

  • Google Search - search for existing lists, and explore yourself
  • Syften.com - monitor conversations on the web's leading communities
  • SparkToro - discover what your audience watches, reads and listens to

What do I do with it?

The document is the first step in building meaningful relationships with your potential buyer.

By reaching out you can create visibility for your project, secure your first users, and share content to help you build an audience, generate leads, and sales.

Engage in these places early and often and when your product is ready, the foundations will be in place to secure early users, feedback and paying customers.

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